Asbestos Testing Service now offers an asbestos testing service that allows you to discover whether asbestos is present in any suspected materials.

This service is open to commercial and domestic customers.

Please note that there are precautions that you should take before attempting to sample any material that is suspected of containing asbestos, as certain materials will release asbestos fibres into the air when broken or disturbed.

The instructions below should be considered the minimum precautions you should take when sampling material suspected of containing asbestos. If in doubt, please call us for free advice.

If the material you are considering sampling looks like a sprayed finish, particularly if it is insulating material on pipework, boilers or ceilings, do not sample this yourself as special precautions are required for sampling this material.

Disturbing lagging that contains asbestos is extremely dangerous and should only be carried by qualified individuals.


We strongly recommend using a courier to send samples, but if sending samples through the post, it is essential that each sample is double-bagged in sealable polythene bags (click image below) and placed in strong packaging marked “Laboratory Samples – Could Contain Asbestos”

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  • Dampen or wet the material
  • Use pliers, with the inside edges protected with a baby-wipe to break off a small thumbnail sized sample
  • Place the sample (and the baby wipe) into a sealable polythene bag – such as a sandwich bag
  • Place the bagged sample inside another sealable bag
  • Attach a label to the bag identifying the sample type (ceiling tile, fire board, etc) and your name and address
  • Seal the area of the sampled material with duct tape or paint to avoid fibre release
  • Clean any tools used with cold water

When you have your double-bagged sample, you may send (by courier) or bring it to us at the following address, together with your payment of £36 per sample including VAT:


Commercial Property Surveys Ltd
Unit 3 Radway Industrial Estate
Radway Road
West Midlands
B90 4NR

Telephone:     0121 711 7110
Fax:     0121 711 7900


Site Address
Sample Type




Please ensure that you have paid the correct carriage, as we may not accept delivery of underpaid items.

Your sample will be processed by one of our selected UKAS approved asbestos testing laboratories. It usually takes a few days from receiving your sample, for us to get the results back to you, but please be aware that occasionally, the laboratories do experience backlogs and it can take up to a week before results are available.

However, if your sample is found to contain Amosite (brown) or Crocidolite (blue) asbestos, then you might need to consider taking further action to reduce the risk of exposure to fibres.

We will be pleased to advise on the various options available to you, should you require.

Using qualified asbestos and building surveyors in any asbestos removal project will save you money and ensure that the work is completed in accordance with the strict regulations concerning asbestos removal and disposal.